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Get ready to wake up your senses, for this will be a wonderful and fun stay in Easton, Pa.If you grew up in or near a city that is close to your heart, you are probably already in Easton Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1752, the year the city was founded, and has been through difficult times in recent years, with the loss of many of its oldest, continuously operating markets, such as the Old Town Market.

Stirner opened his own sewing factory, the Easton Sewing Company, and then moved to its current location at Old Town Market. He sold iron, furniture and sculptures from his shop and taught courses in welding and other sculptural techniques.

This impressive building was built in 1893 as Easton's first high school and named after the founder of the Pennsylvania Free Public School System, William E. Stirner. It marked the beginning of the "Easton Experiment," which was then transformed into the Eastons Arts Building.

This is a small but very well curated museum that tells the history of the region and its people. Set in beautiful Hugh Moore Park, the museum explores the history of Easton and the canal built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the early history of the city.

The Nature Centre also tries to inform visitors about nature through permanent and rotating exhibits. Lafayette College also hosts a series of lectures, workshops and more that are open to the public. Two foodie festivals that take place in Easton each year are BaconFest in November and Garlic Festival in October.

The market opened in 2016 and houses 16 merchants, including a variety of food and beverage vendors as well as local artisans. One of the best places to enjoy a hearty breakfast in Easton is the library cafe, where you can enjoy eggs and coffee and is surrounded by stacks of used and antique books.

Visit the venue to see how crayons are made, and then explore the museum's collection of more than 1,000 works of art from around the world. The town of Easton has a performing arts centre and a canal boat that attracts mules. Discover the Natural History Museum, a museum of local art and history, as well as the city's museums and galleries.

You will also notice small works that jump out of the doors of buildings, as well as bicycle racks designed by local artists. The trail runs along the Delaware River and includes fifteen sculptures selected by nonprofit organizations, including the Easton Public Library, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Pennsylvania State Museum. At the end of this path there is also an organisation called Young Master Wall, which can only be reached by bike or on foot.

Twenty to five local artists and the public submit their best works to be considered the best of the best, judged by twenty to four professional jurors at the Pennsylvania State Museum in Philadelphia, PA. You must submit an application for your individual artwork, either digitally or by e-mail to yourself. If you decide to enter, you can enter the contest by submitting your application to ASAP for examination, or you must be sent digitally by post.

Enter a special work of art that you have created and that has been evaluated in the jury tent of the Art Gallery. You will not be held responsible for everything you bring with you, such as your name, address, telephone number, email or email address.

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Other old-school favourites of mine are Porter's, further down Northampton Street, and Pearly Baker's, which is right in Center Square. The Easton Wine Project, also at the Silk Factory, is on my list for my next trip home. Call Sette Luna, which specializes in brick pizzas, as well as the local craft beer and wine bars.

The mission of the Easton Art Community is to promote the arts in all disciplines, promote appreciation of the arts, and enrich the quality of life in the Easton area through arts education and community programming. In the ACE tent at Eastons Farmers Market, artists and craftsmen from ACE member associations offer workshops to sell their art and crafts.

More About Easton

More About Easton