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Get ready to wake up your senses, for it will be a wonderful and fun stay in Easton, Pa.The Crayola Experience, formerly known as the Cayola Factory, is the first of its kind in the United States, and if you're looking for an entertaining, interactive experience with a little bit of everything from art to food and entertainment, you can also find yourself at CRAYola.

This famous attraction offers guided tours for people of all ages to discover the history of crayons and their origins at the Cayola Factory in Easton, Pa.Children and adults will enjoy a tour of the museum's visitor center and interactive activities, while learning about the crayon production in 1903 and the development of the industry.

If you can't afford to drive to Easton or the nearby Lehigh Valley towns to experience the fun at the Crayola Factory, visit Abbey Hill Gallery. If you want to get a taste of the East and explore the art scene, we have found several community festivals that make visiting Pennsylvania a fun experience. Be sure to check them out, and we are thrilled to have partnered with CRAYola Experience. Give them a $4 ticket and give them a free tour of the Cayola factory and museum in Eastons, PA.

Visit the venue and then explore the museum, Crayola Factory and the rest of the Cayola Museum in Eastons, PA. You can practically experience the entire history of CRAYola, from its origins to its current state of development. This includes the history and history of the company as a production site as well as the history of its products and services.

Visitors to the Allentown Art Museum will be offered new activities every day. You can experience the history of the museum, Crayola Factory and the rest of the Cayola Museum in Eastons, PA. Pennsylvania Railroad Museum web users can choose from a variety of exhibits ranging from the history of railroads from their beginnings to their current state of development, and their history as a railroad museum and museum of locomotives, trains and trains in the United States and around the world. You can experience this virtually when you visit the museum's exhibition "Railroads and Railroads in Pennsylvania."

Under the direction of the Lehigh Valley Ballet Guild, you will be offered the opportunity to learn dance from a master teacher. A family can enjoy the Crayola Experience (tm) at the Cayola Museum in Eastons, PA, with a variety of interactive activities for children and adults. The largest and most popular dance festival of the high valley attracts visitors from all over the valley.

Easton Centre Square is also home to the Easton Farmers Market, which maintains this tradition every Saturday morning from May to November. The village square is also the site of the Easter Farmers Market, a tradition that is maintained on Saturday mornings in May and November and is a popular destination for farmers, gourmets and gourmets. The two foodie festivals that take place in Eastons each year are BaconFest in November and Garlic Festival in October.

The Dorney Park Halloween spooky action consists of 11 horror attractions spread across Lehigh Valley. The Ghost Barn is one of the most popular attractions in the park with over 1000 visitors per year.

Thomas Penn and his sons surveyed the area in 1736, and Easton was officially born in 1752. This impressive building was built in 1893 as the first high school and named after the founding of the Pennsylvania Free Public School System.

When the Lehigh Canal was completed in 1829, Easton became a centre for industry, production, commerce and culture. It is therefore not surprising that it has a number of attractions in the city centre, some of which are actually no factories at all. If you have been to the Crayola Factory in the past, you will notice that it has improved significantly since your first trip. Here is a review of the history of the factory, as well as some photos from our visit.

View Inn & Suites is a short drive from Easton and is one of the most popular hotels in the city centre. The hotel is a short drive west of Eastons and is located on the corner of North Main Street and East Street, just outside downtown.

New York City and Philadelphia are also nearby and offer many of the same attractions as Easton, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania State Museum and Penn State University. Local attractions have been mentioned, but there are many reasons to visit one of these attractions in one day.

If you're looking for outdoor activities in Lehigh Valley, a trip to a state park is a must. Jacobsburg is home to one of Pennsylvania's largest parks, where visitors can hike Henry Woods and fish in Bushkill Creek.

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More About Easton