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The National Canal Museum (canals.org) is a unique facility that gives children in the Easton area the chance to experience how people lived centuries ago. There are more than 1,000 acres of natural history sites in Pennsylvania operated by Eastons.

The museum serves as a meeting place and cultural center for young people and adults. The museum offers its visitors self-guided, lecturer-led tours of the museum as well as educational activities for children and families.

In today's Easton, ongoing transportation and industrial activities, combined with higher education, art, museums, and tourist memorabilia, keep the city going.

In April this year, an exciting exhibition entitled "James Bond's Watches" will celebrate its premiere at the Sigal Museum. The museum's archive also includes the annual reports of the Army Corps of Engineers to Congress and the annual report on the state of the nation from the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition to exhibiting its collections of artifacts and artefacts from the Civil War and World War II, it also houses the Jane S. Moyer Library, which provides students, scientists and genealogists with enormous and often rare resources.

The museum will be open to the public from 25 July and will host an outdoor art workshop on 18-19 July, which will be held only on weekends. One of the main objectives of this grant is to support the installation of a new exhibition, "Rising," which will open in the Sigal Museum on the first weekend of July, 26-27. The museum will also offer outdoor art workshops, making it an ideal place for art lovers of all ages and abilities.

Enjoy a musical performance at Allentown Symphony Hall or learn about local history at Lehigh Valley Heritage Center. Frank Lloyd Wright - designed rooms, as well as a guided tour of the Natural History Museum and a visit to the new exhibition of the museum, "The Art of Art in the New World.

The hands on display teach the children how to harness a mule and steer a boat, and they can use the same pulleys and levers that were used by tow lines and canal ships in the past. The Crayola Factory also includes a working press where visitors can learn how to make stamps and make their own books, and a light exhibition where children and parents can make art with lights.

Whether you live here for a lifetime, have recently had a transplant or are passing through, a visit to the National Museum is a must. If you happen to be in the town of Easton, you'll find time to visit the National Canal Museum.

The museum "Hands - Hands - Hands" offers a wide range of exhibits covering everything from the history of the sewer system to the evolution of living beings. The exhibits of the Science Centre are handmade - with the latest findings from the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Also impressive is the much-celebrated Mammal Hall, home to the largest mammal collection in the United States. An important feature of the exhibition is the large number of animals, from birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians to birds and birds of prey.

The Harrisburg National Civil War Museum wants to present the human experience of the Civil War without prejudice to the North or South. The museum preserves the culture and character of each area and each era and keeps it open to future generations to enjoy and learn from.

We ensure that all staff and volunteers understand their role in the organisation, are informed about the museum's policies and procedures and receive appropriate training in their roles and responsibilities as volunteers.

The main task of the Collection Inventory Assistant is to assist the director of the collections and other departments and employees in the implementation of a complete inventory of the museum's collections. This in-depth experience will ensure that the Contemporary Art Curator works with the curator, the curator of the collections and the director of exhibitions and collection management, as well as other staff and volunteers. All relevant volunteers are trained accordingly and we ensure that the standards of our museum area are adhered to. The Director of Exhibit and Collection Management works directly with the museum directors to implement the PAFA strategic plan.

If you publish a job advertisement at PA Museums, please send us a job description that includes a brief description of the application and a link to your CV and contact information.

The ideal candidate should be a visionary thinker who is able to bring new ideas to the museum and see through them from conception to implementation. The PAFA Bachelor's degree programme includes a Bachelor's degree in Art History, a Master's degree in Art or a PhD.

The PAFA Museum has an outstanding collection of American art, and the museum actively collects and exhibits contemporary art, including works in new media.

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