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Cyrkle, formerly known as the Rhondells, became a national success with "Magnificent Men" and Ricky Dee Embers with recordings, tours and television appearances. Bebing a Beatles - an inspired band that blends the sound of bands like Ramones and Kinks with the sound of The Beatles and classic rock'n "roll.

The band was founded by Brian Epstein, who announced that he is looking for a new project. With Epstein at the helm, Cyrkle was tapped as the Beatles "opening act on their first tour of the United States. The high-profile release helped "Red Rubber Ball" to be released as a single in April 1966 and to land at number 2 in the Top 100 in early summer. Soon the group recorded the first of their two albums for Columbia, and the band's first full-length album, "Ricky Dee Embers," was released.

Bronico, who had been named one of the best singers in Lehigh Valley, meanwhile sang with the crystals. Cyrkle became the opening act for the Beatles "stadium concerts, and after the group split Lombardi and Fishbough joined another group, Jay Techniques, who produced two top-10 hits. TV show, "Jay Leno" was the highest-rated television show of its era and the second most popular program on the network.

Although technically classified as a garage band, "The Limits" had a party rock feel that made them one of the most popular bands of their time.

David Sestak, president of Media Five, first heard the band when they were the Rhondells while he was playing in the Lafayette College boys "club, and he played with them for a few years. The Legends signed to Epic Records, but members Dan Hartman and Edgar Winter Group and members of the group like Dan "Buck" Gorman signed to Brian Epstein, who became famous for Beatles fame. Rhondsells, who later became Cyrkle, was a member of The Legends and one of those who signed for Epic Records. Their last outing together was at a benefit dance in the city, which they performed at their alma mater, Lafayette College. They then formed to play at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Gimme of the Jordanians Some lovin 'was a huge hit, with over 500 songs that shaped the history of rock and roll as selected by the curators of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Dan also worked as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and guitarist for the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones and Eagles. View Profile of Uproar is based in Bethlehem, PA and is the author of "Live in the Box," a book about the life and career of Dan Hartman and Edgar Winter Group.

The group played Top 40 covers and called themselves the Rhondells, and they started playing hits from the 1950s and 1960s. They were a regional band that influenced the band's line-up in the 1970s, both in terms of musicality, live performance and star power.

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