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On an average evening when students are planning events, they can find themselves in Easton, Pennsylvania, for a variety of events. I say make the most of your experience when you go to Easton's Pennsylvania by visiting the local bars. Ocean Porter pubs are the funniest to be, but enjoy dinner in front of Dearly Departed and Haunted hangouts.

We owe a lot to our drinking pubs, which are very good at what they do, keep up with trends, know when to ignore them, pour bottles of murky natural wine into alleyways and buy beer. Some bars throw what is called "crucifixion" or "Italian Favorita" as if it were nothing.

This eatery in Easton, PA is one of them, offering a warm and hospitable atmosphere. Mesa fills most of the open space with guests, with banquets sitting along the walls and a small dining room at the back. What you encounter the first time you walk in is certainly the most striking part of this local bar and restaurant, not only in terms of colour but also in terms of design. Beyond the distinctive crystal chandeliers that hang in the back dining rooms, there is the fact that it is a bar that lives in Technicolor and serves a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and food, as well as a wide selection of food and beverages.

If the nightlife scene isn't your thing, Pittsburgh has a restaurant called Bar Marco, but it can sometimes seem anemic. The scene is mostly about the same two bars called Marco's Bar and Marco's Bar, as well as a few other restaurants.

The Blood Orange Gose is a bitter, refreshing wheat beer that is leavened and brewed with sea salt and coriander. It's an adorable little tin full of akamaized net, a sweet, spicy beer with a hint of orange and orange peel.

The list includes four beers, all tapped and available on tap at the brewery's tavern in Easton, PA.

On Tuesday night, Dahlak's is also a destination for the West, and jazz lives on almost every night. Philly karaoke fans want to be loud, but Tuesday night is all about the most exciting Philly cheese steaks you've ever seen. The menu goes beyond the usual wings and fried food, and offers a wide selection of burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads and more. In the dining room, there is a selection of fried chicken, chicken wings, pork chops and chicken fingers that feel like honey. There's even a special menu item, the Philly Cheese Steak, which is one of the more exciting Philadelphia cheeses.

Like other Easton restaurants, Black & Blue prefers local produce, as evidenced in the burnt-down margherita pizza. Martha loves a good glass of wine and a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. That's one of the main reasons people always come to this bar; it's the friendly place you need to get a shot or a beer.

The Neshaminy Creek brewery has a limited number of seasonal beers on offer, but the owners are relatively lax about ID checks and give plastic jugs of beer to anyone who can stand upright. There are more than 20 beers in the Tap, including many local options from Weyerbacher and Fegley, which far exceed the limited bottle options.

Club Revive travels to various venues in eastern Pennsylvania, including Allentown, Reading and Philadelphia. The Zoo Club hosts shows of all ages and national music acts and attracts thousands of underage visitors.

Josh Lawler has expanded his ambitions on his farm - right down to the table - and built a bar that is wide and deep with a seasonal-inspired list of cocktails that rely heavily on locally produced spirits. It is also an almost legendary city dive bar and it pushes the boundaries of the local scene with its seasonal menu and growing atmosphere.

The house cocktails are named after classic pop and soul rock hits of the time, and the bar itself, where the crew mixes fresh drinks into classic cocktail combinations and pours an ambitious wine list. The happy hour offering is good, serving 6 martinis all day long, but the crowd is Del. Construction on the upstairs brewery is ongoing, so while none of the Two Rivers brews are currently being tapped, there are rows of taps pouring more than a dozen craft brews into this bar. It is all made of marble - with bar and bar - to bar classic cocktails and combinations.

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