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The Lehigh Valley restaurant scene is booming so much that it is difficult to keep up with the many new dining options emerging in the region. We have compiled a list of the recently opened restaurants that are causing a stir, as well as some highly anticipated restaurants that are due to open soon. Check out the ever-growing list below to take a look at some of the most exciting new restaurants in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Why you should try it: Take over the former main room of Little Italy, and the team that brought you tapas has been in the works for months. French toast and pancake fillings could help refresh Park Plaza and Sullivan Trail. Other Lehigh Valley favorites, such as Pizzeria D'Oro and Bolognese, have taken over the former location on Easton's South Side.

Best Taste of India also offers a lunch and dinner buffet, allowing you to sample many things in a single visit. Why you should try it: Nawab offers a wide range of dishes, such as chicken tikka masala, which is on both the menu and tapas menu. The restaurant also offers a lunch and dinner buffet, which allows you to sample many recipes in single seating at reasonable prices. Pearly Baker serves classic pub fare such as burgers, wings and sandwiches, while the evening menu offers a wide selection of salads, pasta, soups, sandwiches and pastries, as well as a full bar.

Plus, the food at this joint is also affordable, and it's worth trying if you're in the area, as initial reviews are still coming in. Why you should try it: Pearly Baker shares its location with a nearby eatery, but also a few blocks away.

Bayou Easton sees itself as a repetition of the tried and tested - and true - formula in a room with a completely different vibe.

Unlike other Easton restaurants, Black & Blue prefers local produce, as evidenced in the burnt-down margherita pizza. specialty made from Indian beef, and if you like it , this is a very rare Indian restaurant that has it on the menu. To experience the true taste of India, don't forget to try the chicken and pork wings, buffalo wings and pork wings. Pork wings are certainly a must - try them, but you'll find their cousin, buffalo wings, in a sticky-sweet chili sauce.

The food at Tandoor Grill is also finger-ready - delicious and comes in generous portions and at an affordable price. The large lunch and dinner menu offers things not to be missed in Mesa, namely guacamole at the table.

Products include fried pickles, macs and cheese, hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings and more. Get the Pulled Pork, ribs and breast fillet cut by the pound, as well as a variety of other items such as chicken and pork ribs, pork chops, beef briskets and beef ribs.

The price - chilli is a must - is up for tasting, and there are more than 20 beers in the barrel, including many local options from Weyerbacher and Fegley that far exceed the limited bottled options. Construction on the upstairs brewery is underway, but while none of the Two Rivers brews makes it to the tap, there are rows of taps serving more than a dozen craft brews behind the counter.

If you are in the West Ward of the historic city centre, you will find one of two ethnic institutions. Here you will find breweries from the region as well as a wide selection of regional and regional beers from the local breweries.

This food joint is known for its lunch and dinner buffets, loaded with fresh and delicious appetizers at the most competitive prices in town. The specialities are very tempting and not to be missed is the special menu with a wide selection of local, regional and regional beers from the local breweries.

If you like your food spicy, please inform the staff who will take care of you. The employee (s) regularly clean and monitor the highly exposed areas during operation, including stand operation, and continue to clean them. They also offer a full service toilet and a clean, safe and comfortable seating area to ensure that customers stay safe while waiting for seating, in line or on the toilet.

The indoor areas, including bar, catering, bar area and dining room, must be closed to customer traffic. Tables, counters and seating that are not in the counter or in the catering area can be used for customer seats. This guidance is not authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or any other state or local authority.

No restaurant, retail or grocery store can have customers sitting at a table without being aware of the direction they are sitting. No more than 10 people may sit at a table, even if it is a family or a household. Calculate the number of guests that can be accommodated in the dining room, bar, catering area or other areas of your restaurant.

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