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Get ready to wake up your senses while looking forward to a fun and enjoyable stay in Easton. Enjoy every minute in your Grand Eastonian Hotel Suites and you will feel that there are many leisure activities nearby.

Easton Centre Square is also a great place to have something for everyone and have fun at Easton Farmers' Market. In the market square there are a variety of food and beverage vendors and there are also many activities for children, such as children's games, crafts, food trucks and more. The village square is also a tradition that is maintained every Saturday morning from May to November by the West End Farmers Market and the South End Market. On Saturday mornings this year, the Easter Farmers Market is set up in the middle of the square, next to the North End shopping centre, and is open from 10am to 5pm.

The City Performing Arts Center and the Canal Boat, which attracts mules, are some of the city's special attractions. Visit the venue, enjoy the area's galleries, including the Center for Contemporary Art, and then explore the Museum of Natural History, the Art Gallery of Pennsylvania, and other galleries in the city.

Watch a show at the Bucks County Playhouse, browse the specialty stores on Main Street and listen to the sounds of local music, including jazz, blues, country, jazz and blues. See the ghost of Aaron Burr, catch a glimpse of a phantom hitchhiker, or hear from the streets of the quiet city that are haunted on the ghost tour.

Based on my visit and other visits I made last year, here are some of the best things to do in Easton, including my favorite restaurants, bars, attractions and more. Top of my list is Easton's Outdoor, which has a wide range of outdoor clothing and equipment and always generates good sales. If you want to do your shopping indoors, Easton Public Market offers entrepreneurs, farmers and chefs who are dedicated to their craft.

Under the direction of the Lehigh Valley Ballet Guild, offers the opportunity to learn the dance from a master teacher and practice with other dancers.

A two-mile trail along Bushkill Creek is lined with public art and Karl Stirner is praised for bringing art to Easton. The path runs parallel to the Delaware River between Eastons and Bristol and runs along the banks of the river, which runs parallel to Bristol. The toll on Interstate goes north, south, east and west, but intersects at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 95, just east of Bristol Road. Drivers coming from any point in the direction of the east will have to note that the toll to the east is free and that no toll to the west is required.

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The Easton Wine Project, which is also located in the Silk Mill, is on my list for my next trip home. For more restaurants in this area, visit our Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania page.

The historic theater is an institution in downtown Easton, and the Allentown Symphony Orchestra performs in its annual concert series. This family-oriented community festival on the second Saturday of the month offers a variety of music, food and entertainment, with the grand finale ending at midnight.

Easton is located at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers and was originally called Lechawitauk by the natives, which means "place of forks." Thomas Penn and his sons surveyed the area in 1736, and it was officially born around 1752. When the LeHigh Canal was completed in 1829, it became a centre for industry, production, commerce and culture. It sits at a fork in the Wilmington River and sits at the fork of the Dover and Delaware rivers, so it has always had to behave (it is, after all, home to Crayola).

Crayola crayons continue to be produced in Easton, and can be seen being made at the company's factory on the corner of South Street and Delaware Avenue in the city's historic district. People had their hands full with all kinds of products, from toys and toys for children to books and books for adults.

Victorian Easton, Pennsylvania is located on the upper reaches of the Delaware River Canal to the south and is the gateway to the Pocono Mountains to the north. This impressive building was built in 1893 as Easton's first high school and named after the founding of the Pennsylvania Free Public School System.

Easton, the smallest town in the Lehigh Valley, was founded in 1752 by Thomas Penn and is located on the east side of the Delaware River, south of Philadelphia. The city is as much a part of Pennsylvania history as anything else, and houses a number of historic buildings, including the Pennsylvania State Capitol and Penn State University.

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More About Easton